If Anyone Deserves the Death Penalty, It’s These Three Sickos

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A former drill sergeant and two girlfriends were found guilty of of murder – an incredibly brutal murder – but won’t face the death penalty.

They were members of a sadomasochistic gang who kidnapped, tortured, murdered, and dismembered the wife of a Marine who was deployed in Afghanistan.

It’s an outrage that the crime took place in California where the murderers will simply face life without parole.

Witness testimony later revealed that Perez, Maraglino and Lopez lived together in the house in Fallbrook where Killgore was killed.

Sheriff’s detectives said they found ‘bondage-type sex apparatuses, toys and tools’ at the residence.

Prosecutor Patrick Espinoza told jurors the three defendants killed Killgore ‘for their own sadistic pleasure.’

Here’s hoping they spend their time in isolation.

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