Another Clinton allegedly ecstatic after testifying under oath

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Another smoking gun was revealed at last week’s Benghazi Select Committee hearing. Rep. Jim Jordan eviscerated Hilary Clinton with emails proving she had told her family and world leaders immediately that Benghazi was facing a terrorist attack, even though she would later insist to the American people and the victims’ families that the violence stemmed from a protest about a YouTube video – an effort to protect Obama’s reelection two months later, and her political viability today.

The Democrats and their media partners followed the usual script after the hearing, declaring Hillary the winner and trying to scare off timid Republicans from further pursuing other blockbuster revelations surely still hidden in her as-yet-unreleased emails.

But anyone who recalls the Clinton-Media spin during the Bill Clinton Administration might have instead felt a bit of deja vu last week.

Hillary raced to friendly terrain on Comcast/MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show Friday to advance the victory spin:

When asked what she did after the hearing, Hillary said, “Well, I had my whole team come over to my house, and we sat around eating Indian food, and drinking wine and beer. That’s what we did. … We were all talking about sports, TV shows. It was great, just to have that chance to, number one thank them, because they did a terrific job, kind of being there behind me, and getting me ready, and then just talk about what we’re going to do next.”

But let’s recall what the Democrat Media reported after Hillary’s husband had his own high-stakes testimony under oath, his 1998 deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit. Here’s Time Magazine’s report at the time (which later won the “1998 Spin Award” from Howard Kurtz, then of the Washington Post):

All the same, at the end of six hours of questioning by Jones’ attorneys, Clinton departed in what sources close to him say was an ecstatic mood. The President felt that the deposition had gone smashingly for him. Describing the mood Saturday night at the White House, one person close to the President said, “Everyone is going to sleep well tonight.” Clinton prepared to do just that, forgoing an evening at the Kennedy Center or a dinner with chief of staff Erskine Bowles to stay in for the night.

In reality, the President had just learned that Jones’ attorneys knew all the sordid details of his dalliance with one Monica Lewinsky. Thanks to later testimony by others under oath, we eventually learned what really occurred the night of his deposition.

As Mark Halperin and John Harris explained in their 2006 book “The Way to Win,” “Clinton returned to the Oval Office in a panicked mood. . . .”

Marvin Kalb had elaborated in his 2001 book “One Scandalous Story”:

In fact, the president canceled the dinner plans he had with his wife, met almost immediately with his close aide, Bruce Lindsay, called Vernon Jordan, and then arranged a get-together with Bettie Curry the next day.

Arianna Huffington, in a late-1998 column, described the White House that night as “in crisis mode, bringing in church-going Betty Currie on a Sunday to make sure she was clear that,” as Clinton put it his infamous witness tampering lie to the already-subpoenaed Currie: “I was never alone with Monica, right?”

It makes you wonder what the Hillary Clinton gathering was really doing Thursday night: “I didn’t order anyone to wipe my server, right?”

Of course, the Clintons spin because spin works, especially on the pearl-clutching surrender monkeys known as the Congressional GOP. After facing a bit of heat from Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings and the usual media suspects, the GOP is reportedly considering backing off the most documented government scandal in recent memory – Hillary’s using a private email server to hide from the American people her role in foreign policy failures around the world, and her trading State Department action for millions of dollars in Clinton Foundation “donations” from foreigners.

Perhaps now we can surmise why Betty Currie, who worked for Clinton capo John Podesta on the Obama transition team, did not elect to work for Hillary in the Obama Administration: she tired of the public debasement the Clintons put their minions through. Too bad the media has no such qualms.

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