This Alleged “Healthy Habit” Literally Melts Hole in Dad’s Lung: ** WARNING GRAPHIC

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Vaping is supposed to be a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.  You get the nicotine but none of the “nasty additives” that cause cancer.  And it doesn’t smell bad.  No “second hand smoke.”  It’s a miracle product.  You can “smoke” and not be smoking.

A man in England who had taken up vaping to get off cigarettes had a graphic wake-up call while walking home from visiting a friend.  This is Richard before his wake-up call.

15-1026 Vaping Richard

The vape device is supposed to turn the vape liquid into a vapor when you inhale.  The liquid is heated by a coil and when you inhale you get – or are supposed to get – the nicotine vapor.  It didn’t work that way for Richard.

Richard was walking home from a mate’s house when he tasted fluid and started coughing.

He said: “Then it felt like I’d got a trapped nerve in my shoulder. In the morning I had a really tight chest and couldn’t breathe properly.

“I went to hospital. One of the nurses there put my vape on an oxygen tube and showed that it was spitting liquid out.”

Richard, from Horley, Surrey, was told his right lung was working at just 25 per cent capacity.

He was kept in overnight at the Acute Medical Unit of East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, and discharged with an inhaler.

But five days later his chest tightened up again and he spent another night in hospital.

Here’s Richard after his vape-up call.

15-1026 Vaping Richard After

What you can’t see is the hole that the hot vape liquid burned in his lung.

The vape device was made by a Chinese firm, KangerTech.  I have no idea what product liability laws are like in Britain, but had this happened in the US a team of trial lawyers would be working up a class action suit in a heartbeat.

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