About Those “Moderate Muslims”

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We keep hearing – mostly from Barack Obama – about how the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not radical people, they’re just good peaceful people. Next time you hear that line remember this story.

A rape victim branded “unclean” by her family after the assault in her native Syria has been murdered in Germany amid claims her mother ordered the honor killing.

The woman, named only as Rokstan M, was found buried in a shallow grave in an allotment in the eastern German city of Dessau after being stabbed to death.

I suspect feminists in the US, who go out of their way to avoid talking about the Muslim world, would say it was just an “after-birth abortion” and it was the mother’s right to choose. None of your business.

It also appears to have been a family affair.

Police believe the 20-year-old was murdered by her father and brothers, who thought she had brought shame on their family through the sex attack by three men.

Let’s get this straight, a 20 year-old woman is gang raped by three men and her family murders her because she is “unclean.” Got it. Religion of peace. Got it.

You’ll be shocked to learn that the mother is insisting she had nothing to do with the murder. Got it.

Honor killings are Sharia Law in action. Here’s one last note, at least for today, about “moderate” Muslims.


“Moderate?” I think not.

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