8 of the Absolute Dumbest Celebrity Gun Control Quotes Right Here:

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Okay, okay I know I shouldn’t report this because who cares? But I’m sorry – these were so stupid I had to share.

At least get a laugh or two, or eight – to start your day: 1) Tony Bennett is up first:

Hat tip bearingarms.com:


Comparing America to Nazi Germany? Way to gain sympathy for your cause, Tony Bennett.

2) Matt Damon

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So, he hates guns…but doesn’t mind making millions off movies like Bourne Identity?

3) Sean Connery

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Must be nice to make a living off James Bond, then criticize everything about the industry.

4) Sylvester Stallone

pablo (3)

Do we even need to mention the plethora of gun-related movies Sly has made?

5) Rosie O’Donnell

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I guess we’re not all cut out for a little thing called, Democracy.

6) Danny Glover

pablo (5)

Wait, did he really forget the four Lethal Weapon movies he made?

7) Jim Carrey

pablo (6)

It was a close decision between this quote and the time Jim Carrey called all gun owners ” heartless motherf–kers”.

To read the best one -#8 – go HERE:

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