2 Word Nickname Given to Obama From Gun-Toting Grandma in Oregon [BEST.VIDEO.EVER.]

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Carolyn Kellim is a very interesting lady. She lives in Roseburg, Oregon, the scene of the latest mass murder by a certifiable nut case who should have been in a mental health ward instead of on the streets.

She’s not your “average little old lady,” while some in that category spend their time knitting or watching TV reality shows, Carolyn spends her days tending to KC’s Exchange, a gun store she operates from her home.

Nothing short of awesome!!!


She had some commentary about society and even a couple words about the President.

With reference to the President, and NBC chose to cut that part out of the video, she noted,

“He has strange ideas…I don’t think he’s ever carried a gun. I’m not sure he’s ever shot one.” But he seems to think that they’re bad all the way through. They’re not.”

She apparently didn’t believe the House of Many Colors attempt to show Mr. Obama was pro-gun.


She also has an interesting nickname for him. She likes to call him the “executive anus.” That gets the Curmudgeon Stamp of Approval.

Oh, and Carolyn operates her gun shop from her home and donates all the profits – ALL the profits – to a charity that helps homeless teenagers and families.

I wonder what the “Executive Anus” has donated to lately?

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