You Won’t Believe What Stopped the St. Louis Black Panthers From Blowing Up the Ferguson Police Station

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You can’t make this stuff up. In the aftermath of the death of thug and ghetto folk-hero Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Olajuwon Ali put out a call for members for the St. Louis area New Black Panther Party. He’s the head of  it – Black Panthers in St. Louis.


A couple of ne’er-do-wells hanging around Ferguson’s #BlackLivesMatter group decided they’d make an impression. It’s important to “represent” don’t-cha-know.

The punks, Brandon Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis, both 22, decided they wanted to show that black lives matter more than white lives. Especially when the white lives in question are the Ferguson Police Chief and the Prosecutor who took the case against the officer who shot Brown in self-defense to the grand jury.

Keep in mind that #BlackLivesMatter keep whining that they are all about “peaceful protest.” I’d provide a link to their website, but they’ve only been around for a little over a year and their website won’t be up for another seven days. Probably too busy shopping for computers.


Anyway, Baldwin and Davis wanted to get involved. So they decided to blow up the Ferguson Police Station and kill the Police Chief. A white guy. And probably a bunch of white cops. Because #BlackLivesMatter .

Davis and Baldwin later admitted in court that they plotted to obtain explosives they planned to unleash upon McCulloch, then-Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, an unspecified area police station and an armored vehicle police used in controlling Ferguson protests.

Davis and Baldwin were taken into custody after buying three pipe bombs for $150, unaware the devices weren’t functional and the seller during the nighttime meeting at an industrial park was a federal agent.

Three pipe bombs won’t do a lot of damage, what in the world kept them from getting the explosives they needed? They admitted in court that they ran out of money on their EBT card.

I think President Obama needs to get on this. We’re handing out billions in food stamps – EBT cards – these poor guys didn’t have enough to buy explosives to make their statement about how much #BlackLivesMatter.

They’re going to be spending the next seven years in federal prison where they won’t have to worry about the balance on their EBT cards.

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