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Women On “The View” Hate Nurses


In the recent Miss America Pageant Miss Colorado did a monologue on nursing and how she and other nurses make a real difference in the lives of their patients. Two of the very liberal panelists on “The View” went out of their way to make fun of her monologue.  They later apologized, but can you imagine the headline of the NYT and WaPo had Rush Limbaugh said this …

Here’s the segment from “The View” and the monologue.

I didn’t watch the pageant, I could really care less about it, but I did happen to see that monologue after the pageant. I thought it was great.

I believe that doing your work well and focusing on the people you have an opportunity to interact with every day, and those you’re able to help, is a huge talent. It’s also a much more important talent than playing a piano or singing unprofessionally. It is a talent everyone can nurture and when practiced by enough people, it can really change the world.

That’s not what the hypocrites on “The View” saw. You heard their comments. They reaped a firestorm.

Unfortunately, advertisers are simply “pausing” their support and the bored, stupid people who watch that trash on a daily basis won’t stop.

In the meantime, Miss Colorado, you did a fantastic job. Your monologue has about 4.4 million hits on YouTube, I doubt any other “talent” from the pageant has a dozen hits. I also don’t know what anybody else did for their “talent” portion, but you won hands down at our house. Thank you.


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