Wife beats husband…. GoPro Saves the Day

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We don’t have to tell you that domestic abuse is a big problem. What you may not know is that women beating on their domestic partners is a growing problem.

If you happen to be a former Army Ranger and your wife is looking for a way to get custody of your kids, what better way than have him arrested for hitting you. At least that’s what one Ranger’s ex-wife thought.

What she didn’t plan on was him being a whole lot smarter than she is.

She set him up at a custody hand off of their twin boys, grabbed his crotch and when he pushed her away, she threatened to have him arrested. Except

The husband has accused Novak of domestic violence, and in order to prove his claim he took to tying a small camera to his belt using a parachute cord during his encounters with her.

Michael’s GoPro was rolling when he met his wife last Thursday to exchange custody of their sons.

The video, obtained by 10News, opens with the retired solider reaching into the back of his car to unbuckle one of his sons. Suddenly, he lets out a scream and jerks his body back.

Upon closer inspection, the blurry footage shows what appears to be Corinne Novak’s hand in the bottom right corner grabbing her estranged husband’s testicles.

Novak is then heard off camera yelling at Michael: ‘call the police. I’m gonna tell them that you just assaulted me.’

As it turns out, somebody did get arrested.


Just not who she thought would get arrested.

Here’s hoping she’s unable to make the custody hearing because she’s in jail.

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