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What This Taco Bell Employee was Caught Doing on Camera is Beyond DISGUSTING


If you’re a big fan of Taco Bell, what I’m about to reveal to you will most certainly ruin your day.

No, I’m not being melodramatic here, I’m totally serious. This will absolutely destroy your love of chalupas. Forever.

Apparently a worker — one of those bright shining pieces of humanity who wants a $15 an hour minimum wage — was caught on camera scratching his backside rather vigorously while on the job.

Get a barf bucket ready, because you might toss your cookies when you see this.

From IJReview:

An Ohio Taco Bell customer named Austin Velliquette was about to chow down on some of his favorite goodies when he spotted an employee of the fast food franchise doing something nasty.

He was standing around with his hand down his pants, right in the kitchen.

Velliquette snapped a photo of the incident and it has since gone viral, racking up thousands of shares.


Velliquette sent the photo into a news affiliate who contacted authorities, which eventually led to the extremely nasty, foul employee getting a free ticket to the unemployment line.

Here’s what Taco Bell had to say about the incident.

“This is completely unacceptable and has no place in our restaurants. Our franchisee took immediate action, and has terminated the employee and is retraining the entire staff.

We want customers to know that the person in the photo was never in contact with the food, and that the Health Department inspected the restaurant and approved its operations.”

So hopefully by now you’ve finished dry heaving and gagging, but if not, take your time. There’s really no rush, and if you blew chunks, hey, no reason to feel ashamed.

This is pretty disgusting after all.

The next time your significant other or best bud suggests Taco Bell for dinner, you might want to send them this story, along with the following meme, which happens to be one of my favorites of all time:



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