What This Cop did for a Dying man PROVES Heroes Still Exist

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Police officers are constantly catching a bum rap in the mainstream media these days, thanks to the progressive race hustlers who inhabit the journalistic landscape of modern America, but truth be told, the vast majority of cops are good men and women looking to make the world a better place.

What this law enforcement officer from Mississippi did for a dying man in a car crash proves this point beautifully.

There are still heroes left in the world.

From KXAN:

On Monday, a crash claimed the life of Anthony Boone, but not before a Jackson police officer did everything he could to save the man from the fiery crash. When he couldn’t, he was simply there for him.

Sergeant William Bright says he tried his best to save Anthony’s life. When he realized there was nothing in his power that could be done, he wanted to let that man know he was not alone.

“I think the good lord knows that I tried everything that I was humanly able to do,” says Sgt. Bright.

Since early Monday morning, Sergeant William Bright has been stuck with a painful memory. He says he did everything he could to save 37-year-old Anthony Boone, but the situation was beyond his control.

“We went through probably 8 to 10 fire extinguishers. I kept spraying them on the dash and his leg area, but the heat, it was so hot. The fire just wouldn’t go out,” he said.

Sgt. Bright says at one point the flames grew above his head.  Despite his own fears, he stayed with that man; talking with him and praying, until he took his last breath.

But this sergeant says don’t go calling him a hero. He believes he was doing exactly what he took an oath to do. To protect and serve.

“I had never met that man before. I didn’t even know him, but he was a human being. So it was my job to do what I did,” says Sgt. Bright.

Sgt. Bright might be too humble to exalt himself as a hero, but that’s surely what he is.

This man actually takes his oath to serve and protect seriously and did everything he could to save another person’s life, yet even when he couldn’t, he stayed right there by the guy’s side.

That’s pure class, ladies and gentlemen. Pure class.

While the media wants you to believe every cop out there is an evil, trigger happy racist itching to kill a black guy, men and women like Sgt. Bright suit up each and every day and hit the streets not knowing if they’ll make it back that night, all to ensure our communities are safe.

We have no earthly idea the sort of things they see on a daily basis, yet they keep on serving, doing their job passionately, even while so many view them as the enemy and spit in their faces.

Make sure you let the law enforcement officers in your community know how much you appreciate their work and sacrifice.

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