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What One Word is Most Commonly Associated with Hillary Clinton?


Quinnipiac just released polling on the Presidential race. It wasn’t good news for Hillary even though the poll has her leading the Democratic side of the race. Which speaks volume about Democrats.

15-0511 Hillary Ugly

In a new poll conducted by Quinnipiac University,

Clinton leads the Democratic field with 45 percent, down from 55 percent July 30, with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont at 22 percent and Biden at 18 percent. No other candidate tops 1 percent with 11 percent undecided. This is Sanders’ highest tally and closest margin

Clinton tops the Democrats’ “no way” list with 11 percent.

“Liar” is the first word that comes to mind more than others in an open-ended question when voters think of Clinton followed closely by “Dishonest” and finally by “Untrustworthy”.

This video is seven years old. Looks like not much has changed with respect to Hillary’s relationship to the truth. The recent Quinnipiac showed:

Clinton ha(s) the worst scores among top candidates on honesty. Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, voters say 61 – 34 percent, her lowest score ever

The MSM is doing everything possible to shield her from the fact that every time she opens her mouth the American people feel she’s lying.

#Same tune #Different song.

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