It’s Way Past Time to Have a Talk About Islam

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Here’s what passes for respectable behavior in the Muslim world. It’s called pedophilia and child rape, and any condemnation of it will likely get your name put on a list for beheading.

If you think that is an over-the-top statement, please consider that the founder of Islam, Mohammed, was a pedophile. It’s a historical fact that he “married ” a nine year-old girl and that practice is widespread to this day in the “Muslim world.” In fact, one of the reasons Muslims want Sharia Law in the countries they are immigrating to is that Sharia Law makes this pedophilia perfectly legal.

This is one of the prime reasons civilized people hold the opinion that Muslims are animals. And that subject was broached by CNN’s Chris Cuomo when he asked a guest about it .

“This feeds the impression that these Muslims are animals, savages, and their faith makes them that way,” Cuomo said. “And it feeds an impression of what Islam is. What is your response to that?”

Here’s what she said.

“This is Islamism at work … Islamism is totalitarianism.”

On that point I would add, it’s more than just totalitarianism, it’s pure fascism.


The Mullahs have complete power wherever Muslims control the levers of government. There may be secular government officials, but the Mullahs control them. See Iran for the most prominent example.


Barack Obama won’t talk about “Islamic terrorism” because he says the “terrorists” are a small slice of Islam and besides, all religions have their outliers. Remember the Crusades?

Since the Crusades were a defensive response to Islamic expansion into Europe, it’s obvious that Barack doesn’t remember them.

The other point to keep in mind that Muslims in the West want Sharia Law imposed on their hosts. Europe is dealing – poorly – with that problem right now and the US is about to get that chance. Groups like CAIR routinely support Muslims – good, moderate, Muslims who are considered a credit to their community – who murder their children for “honor” or who force their daughters to submit to genital mutilation and arranged marriage.

The line about “Radical Muslims want to murder you. Moderate Muslims want a radical Muslim to murder you.” has more truth than anyone wants to admit.

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