WATCH Video of Trump Security Putting the Smackdown on Mexican Protestors Dressed as KKK

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A top security guard for Donald Trump smacked a protester in the face after the man chased him for snatching a banner Thursday, video shows.

The guard grabbed the blue sign that said “Trump: Make America Racist Again” — a play on the billionaire’s campaign motto — outside a press conference on the Donald’s new pledge of loyalty to the Republican Party, NY1 Noticias video shows.

Demonstrator Efrain Galicia ran after Schiller and appeared to reach for the banner and grab the guard from behind. Within seconds, the guard turned around and whacked him in the face with an open hand as a scrum of reporters snapped photos.

A Latino man protesting Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was punched by one of the men employed as security by Trump.

The man was picketing in front of Trump Tower as Trump signed his letter of allegiance to the Republican Party.

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