WATCH Adorable Little Girl reel in a big bass with her Barbie fishing pole: Warning – Sweet daddy-daughter [VIDEO]

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This one didn’t get away and neither will this little girl with her daddy urging her to not give up on hauling in a large Bass – WITH HER BARBIE FISHING POLE!!

Aw, you gotta love it. She wants to give up, but dad won’t let her.

He’s stops short of helping her – but gets her to reel in a big one:


Little girl catches huge bass with a Barbie fishing pole

Little Avery uses a tiny Barbie fishing pole to haul in a massive bass. This is pure joy.

Remember catching your first fish? Don’t now how that rod didn’t snap in two, or how she didn’t end up in the drink as her and dad catch the giggles.

But finally, with her trusty Spincast Rod and Reel Packaged Barbie Kit in hand, she pulls in a whopper 20-incher. Avery and her father can hardly contain themselves!

Hat tip:

Take note dads, girls rule.


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