URGENT: Report Unstable Man to FBI Calling for the Murder of Police Right Now. This is a Call to Action, Please

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Our guy Brian Kolfage alerted us to this IMMEDIATE need to report an obviously sociopathic individual urging the killing of police.

Everyone should be reporting him to the FBI NOW! Info and instructions below: He’s been making numerous threats of war, murder, and violence against police officers and departments nation wide.

The Facebook account associated with these threats are from Jason Foss  www.facebook.com/jason.foss3 with a Facebook user ID of 1010480093.


REPORT TO FBI HERE—> https://tips.fbi.gov/  Call 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

The account appears to be from the Boston Massachusetts area, and there are a handful of Jason Foss’s there.  Whether the account is real or fake the FBI can track him down easily with the above info from Facebook. Please do not search out vigilante justice, the name could be fake and we don’t want the wrong person being attacked; allow the FBI to handle it.  We have saved all meta data in case he purges his account.

Here’s a few screenshots of his threats:



See and read more Here:


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