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Trump to Media: It’s Not MY Job to Defend Obama!


Donald Trump held a rally on Thursday and a man from the audience made a comment about Obama being a Muslim and another comment about Obama’s birth certificate.

Trump answered his question without commenting on the “Muslim” or “birther” comments and the media went crazy.

Trump was accused of supporting the allegations.

A “scandal” come on Megyn. You’re drooling blood with that line.

In fact, if the media wanted to do some real journalism they’d investigate the guy who asked the question. I’m betting he’s got serious ties to the Democratic Party. And while we’re talking about Democrats, the whole “birther” meme was started by none other than Hillary Clinton in 2008 .

If Democrats (and the media) didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any.

Donald did what Donald does. He didn’t let the frivolous media attack stand.


Trump didn’t drop it there either.


I don’t know if Donald Trump should be the Republican nominee for President, but I do know that every candidate – at every level – should take some lessons from him, and one of the most important is, “don’t back down from the media.”

Trump has been around the hostile media in New York for 30 years and he learned that lesson the hard way. He takes no prisoners and especially in today’s political climate where the media are nothing more than Democratic operatives with bylines (Megyn Kelly are you listening?) it’s important to take the fight to them.


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