The Road Both Ways

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I’ve been watching all the flap and uproar over the Religious Freedom laws. I think the first issue is that people, especially the media, are not doing the proper research to get the facts straight before they go off on a tangent, but that’s a matter for another day, there are other issues I want to cover today.

Personally I feel that a business should have the right to refuse business to whoever they wish for whatever reason they wish. I do think it’s a very poor business decision however. Times are tough, money is green no matter where it comes from, it doesn’t have any agendas or ideologies. I say take what business you can get when you can get it, but that’s a decision for each individual.

On that note, to the gay activists who want to force Christians to cater your wedding or whatever; that doesn’t make sense. . . . these people are going to make a profit off of you. Don’t you think there may be a gay marriage supporting caterer out there somewhere who would love to have that profit? They may be struggling and instead of supporting them, you’re forcing your money on someone who doesn’t want it…mind boggling.

OK, so this got me looking into the Civil Rights act of 1964. Think about this, I’m a gun carrier, I’m always armed, ALWAYS. I have a license that allows me to carry not only firearms but any weapon I choose, anywhere I choose. Thanks to a recent change in our State law, I can even carry in a Church or a bar.

I do this because of my BELIEF in the Constitution and my BELIEFS in the rights that it guarantees me.

Now according to the Civil Rights act, it’s both unconstitutional and illegal for any business to refuse me service because of my beliefs so when places like Starbucks and Waffle House don’t allow me in because I’m armed, they’re breaking the law and violating my rights.

It isn’t really a problem though, I just take my business elsewhere, but I could actually bring legal action.

There’s an old saying…”Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

According to these laws, a person could walk into an all black establishment with a white power t-shirt on and they would have to be served. I actually did that once when I was working undercover in a biker gang, it was part of the job at the moment. We didn’t get served and they called the police on us.

According to these laws, a person could walk into a gay establishment with a t-shirt that says ban gay marriage, and they would have to served.

A person could walk into a Jewish Deli with a picture of Hitler on their t-shirt and they would have to be served.

A person could go to a Muslim owned business with a t-shirt that says Jesus saves and they would have to be served.

Everyone needs to be careful about what you’re dishing out because you could easily get a heaping helping of it served right back at you. The problem is, those on the left claim to be tolerant, but they really aren’t, they want their way or no way.

The fact is, it is legal to be racist, anti-gay, anti-Muslim…whatever you want, as long as you don’t infringe on another persons rights or cause them harm.

You can’t change the way a person thinks or feels and if they’re not stepping on your toes, you shouldn’t try.

The road goes both ways.

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