The Great Wall of Donald [VIDEO]

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Folks – imagine a Donald Trump presidency, just for a moment:

First – we’d erect a huge “Great Wall of Donald” along our Southern border which would not only keep out illegal aliens, but could double as a fabulous Tourist attraction: People from all over the world could walk along the top of our Wall and easily see the difference between America on one side – a first-rate country – and on the other side, an upholstered men’s room called Mexico.

There’d be a cover charge, a two-drink minimum and a killer drone show every afternoon for the occasional fence climber. Literally, a “killer” show. Nine paid admissions gets you your next one free.

trump wall1

Yes, we’d be blatantly ripping-off China’s GREAT WALL concept – and with no regrets because when was the last time they had a problem making VHS copies of “Forest Gump” or “Thelma & Louise” – then selling them on the street corner for 20 yen?

#Two: On the subject of anchor babies, let me just say there’s no such thing. Babies are just called “babies,” even when they’re in the womb, by the way.

And just because you got el knocked-up and put one foot over the border to plop out your little future Democrat on American soil; in a Trump administration, you no longer have an anchor or any other boating metaphor granting you citizenship and access to US taxpayer welfare $$.

Pregnant woman from Portugal can’t exactly swim across the Atlantic and give birth once they cross international waters, so get in line with the rest of the mother’s with child. You might also want to try the word “no” from time to time while you’re at it.  Gracias in advance.

#Thirdly: Can you imagine a country with no political correctness? WOW! It’s like an episode of The Walking Dead! You don’t want to work, or help out? You don’t eat.

And if all you do is stumble around with your hand out, moaning, groaning and trying to feed off the rest of us, you get dusted off with a machete! BLAM!  Come to think of it, don’t the zombies on “The Walking Dead” remind you of Obama voters? Shuffling around with their hands out, trying to suck the rest of us dry?

Speaking of Obama supporters, Trump was on Colbert the other night and made that lib look like a fool. Even the far-left audience CHEERS for Donald and his solutions to illegal immigration:

Wow that Colbert is a douche. Now I know what you’re thinking:

Is Donald Trump the perfect candidate who would make the perfect President? If you ask Donald, I’m laying odds the answer would be “Yes”, because Donald Trump calls it like he sees it and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about political correctness…

…which, again, gets you dusted off with a machete or shot between the eyes by that dude in the Walking Dead who has the bow and arrow gun. I could do without the hair in the eyes, but that’s showbiz I guess – and so is this election so far if you ask me.

… but I digress.

Trump is doing something I love: He’s clearing the decks of political correctness. So many Republicans are scared to be called names by the Dems and media that they kow-tow to all  this PC language and behavior. This Trump thing is really helping get rid of it because if they can’t intimidate you by calling you names – the Dems got nothing.

AS A BONUS – the other real conservatives who also wish to be our GOP nominee might do well to take a page out of the Book of Trump and stop being such a bunch of pussies. Start telling it like is instead of being so afraid of the leftist media.

However, if you still can’t grow a pair, then do us all a favor: GET OUT OF THE WAY – yeah, i’m looking at you Rubio – and say GO TRUMP, GO!

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