Texas HS Football Player Didn’t Like Referee’s Call: What He Did Next Got Him Suspended

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Zeke Cardenas, a Texas high school senior and football player at St. Anthony High School did the unthinkable. After Cardenas was sacked during a play, he pushed the player who sacked him, which caused the referee to call a penalty against him. The quarterback initially just walked away, but when the official approached him, …..this is what happened.


That’s right! Cardenas responded by pushing the referee as well.

From the Independent Journal Review, the story continues:

Cardenas was ejected from the game, and has since been kicked off the football team and suspended from school, according to a statement from St. Anthony. The statement reads:

St. Anthony Catholic High School (SACHS) understands the severity of the incident that occurred Saturday between a SACHS football player and a game official.

We have taken swift action, as we would with any incident involving the behavior of our students, and the player is no longer on the football team.

In addition, he has received a three-day suspension while the incident is investigated further. Again, St. Anthony Catholic High School does not tolerate this type of behavior from our students.

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools says it’s investigating.

Hyde Park beat St. Anthony 21-to-nothing.

When events like this happen fortunately, they can be teachable moments. Unfortunately for Zeke Cardenas, it is a difficult lesson to learn. I don’t know how successful of a football player Zeke is, but maybe this will teach him that just because things don’t always go our way, as adults, we don’t react to negative things by “pushing” officials or adults in charge. Maybe there’s too much violence in the news. Maybe there’s just too much pressure on young student athletes. Probably both. Whatever it is, students STILL need to know the difference between right and wrong, and understand character, principles and respect. As a football QB, he is a leader on that team. As a leader, the team looks up to him. Zeke has to earn the respect of his players, teachers, parents, coaches and even the referees. 

Just a little advice to Zeke:




Written by Nancy Hayes

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