Would You Support a Nazi For President?

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If Ben Carson or any candidate for office – including Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina or Donald Trump were asked if they would support a Nazi for President, what do you think they would say? … Duh.

They’d puff out their chests and say “NO! – Of course not..” Narry a one of them would hesitate and I believe they’d be telling the truth.

But that’s not the question that was asked of Dr. Ben Carson, a top GOP presidential contender.

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Ben Carson was asked a question and he gave an honest answer. Just like the hypothetical answers above about not supporting a Nazi for President. Only difference is Carson was asked if he would support a Muslim for President…

Some background:

On NBC’s Meet the Press, Carson was asked whether a president’s faith matters, and he said, “I guess it depends on what the faith is,” – that it should be consistent with American values and principles. WOW – HOW CRAZY IS THAT???

When he was asked specifically about whether Islam is consistent with American values, he said no. It’s that simple and I challenge you to disagree with him.

Bottom line: Ben Carson said he does not think a Muslim should be president. Not only was it honest, it is an answer that shows he understands what Muslims ultimate goal is here in America: The implementation of Sharia Law. End of story.

The Koran is very detailed on what Muslims are to do to non-Muslims, or infidels – as they say. Convert or die. But what I think is really ridiculous is just how many people in this country have their heads in the sand when it comes to Muslims now rapidly being imported into America.

Their religion (or cult as I see it) does not go hand in hand with our Constitution. In fact it contradicts it. Sharia law has no place in America and Ben Carson is the only one saying it outloud – and it matters: In a recent CNN/ORC poll, Carson was the second favorite Republican candidate after Donald Trump with 19% of the vote.

For Trump’s part, at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, when a member of the audience said President Obama was, in fact, a Muslim – Trump never corrected him and took plenty of heat for not doing so. Trump then Tweeted out that he was under no obligation to defend the president.

True. Why should he?

Now comes the larger question from the headline of this column: “Is it fair to compare Islam to Nazism?” Well, if you take a good look at their goals and history – there’s only one answer to conclude: You betcha’!

The Wall Street Journal cited a couple well-documented and respected historical takes on this very comparison:

For instance: Author Stefan Ihrig’s ”Atatürk in the Nazi Imagination” includes:

Through the 1920s and 1930s, Nazi publications lauded Turkey as a friend and forerunner. In 1922, for example, the Völkischer Beobachter, the Nazi Party’s weekly paper, praised Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the “Father of the Turks,” as a “real man,” embodying the “heroic spirit” and the Führerprinzip, or führer principle, that demanded absolute obedience. Atatürk’s subordination of Islam to the state anticipated Hitler’s strategy toward Christianity. The Nazis presented Turkey as stronger for having massacred its Armenians and expelling its Greeks. “Who,” Hitler asked in August 1939, “speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians?”

David Motadel’s “Islam and Nazi Germany’s War” contains this:

…Muslims fought on both sides in World War II. But only Nazis and Islamists had a political-spiritual romance. Both groups hated Jews, Bolsheviks and liberal democracy. Both sought what Michel Foucault, praising the Iranian Revolution in 1979, would later call the spiritual-political “transfiguration of the world” by “combat.” The caliph, the Islamist Zaki Ali explained, was the “führer of the believers.” Made by Jews, led by Jews—therewith Bolshevism is the natural enemy of Islam,” wrote Mahomed Sabry, a Berlin-based propagandist for the Muslim Brotherhood in “Islam, Judaism, Bolshevism,” a book that the Reich’s propaganda ministry recommended to journalists.

By late 1941, Germany controlled large Muslim populations in southeastern Europe and North Africa. Nazi policy extended the grand schemes of imperial Germany toward madly modern ends. To aid the “liberation struggle of Islam,” the propaganda ministry told journalists to praise “the Islamic world as a cultural factor,” avoid criticism of Islam, and substitute “anti-Jewish” for “anti-Semitic.” In April 1942, Hitler became the first European leader to declare that Islam was “incapable of terrorism.”

…As the war went on, Balkan Muslims were added to the “racially valuable peoples of Europe.” The Palestinian Arab leader Haj Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, recruited thousands of these “Musligermanics” as the first non-Germanic volunteers for the SS. Soviet prisoners of Turkic origin volunteered too. In November 1944, Himmler and the Mufti created an SS-run school for military imams at Dresden.

So you tell me – why is this a controversey? And seriously – this is what we’re wasting our time talking about? How about we get back on target? Immigration, deficit, jobs, unemployment, National security, and yes, Islamo-Nazi terrorists who want to kill American citizens?

We currently have not only a spread the wealth President, but two Democrat candidates that are also SOCIALISTS! Why aren’t they asked by the mainstream press; “would you support a Stalinist for President?” Would you support Hugo Chavez for President? Maybe because they know the answer already.

That’s un-American in my book!

Look – Ben Carson gave an honest answer to a hypothetical question and the bottom line is summed up pretty nicely below here:


Get off Facebook and study a little history once in a while, okay? You’ll find around every turn that Hitler was a stong believer that the religion as dictated by the pedophile prophet Mohammed, is the perfect religion for world conquest.

Pick up a book once in a while… or better yet – everyday just come to JoeForAmerica.com – it’s all right here!

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