State Department: “Possibly Some Syrian Refugees Are Terrorists” … ‘Ya Think?

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State Department spokesman John Kirby admitted that some of the “refugees” from Syria could be terrorists. I’m shocked!

Wolf Blitzer obviously missed the follow-up questions that matter. But then he’s been feeding Democrats softball questions for so long we’d expect no less.

The first follow-up question should have been: “Vetting? John, what do you mean by vetting? Homeland Security stopped doing background checks on illegal aliens in 2013 and they’re currently releasing known criminal aliens back onto our streets. Exactly what is the process to vet individuals from the Middle East?”

Second follow-up: “John, five of the wealthiest Middle Eastern countries – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain – have refused to allow Syrian refugees into their countries because they view accepting Syrians as a threat to their safety because of terrorism. Do you think they might know more than the State Department or the EU about the reality of a terrorist threat?”


The State Department is working with the rest of the Obama administration to use immigration, both illegal and sanctioned to change the nature of America. A few thousand Syrian terrorists are a small price to pay for a Democratic Socialist voting majority that will keep them in power.

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