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Star Trek Voyager Actress Arrested for Exposing Herself to Children


It’s a long way from top to bottom and Jennifer Lein, who played Kes in three seasons of Star Trek Voyager, is in the process of discovering that. She was recently arrested for exposing herself to children in her Harriman, Tennessee neighborhood.

Lein, who is 41, was arrested on two counts of exposing herself to children under 13.

Neighbor Carey Smith says Lien recently walked by her home and commented on how the children were being cared for while two were crying.

“Started saying vulgar things. I mean really vulgar things, I told her to mind her own business and keep on walking,” said Smith.

That’s when things got even stranger.

“All of a sudden, here come the shirt up. She started flashing and, ‘Woo hoo,’ and I said, ‘And what respect is that for kids?’ There was none. And then she turned around and dropped her pants,” said Smith.

Parents, worried things might escalate, then called 911.

As noted in the report, Lein has been in trouble with the law before. Times are obviously hard for the actress, or should we say “former actress.” She’s not likely to be getting new parts after showing off her old parts. And then there’s this.


Jennifer, at least in this photo from the Sheriff’s office, looks like she could be trying to do a Bruce Jenner in reverse. It’s doubtful we’ll be seeing any stories that her agent will be snipping and promoting any time soon.


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