Rush Limbaugh Unloads on Liberal Outrage Over Ben Carson’s Comments on Muslims

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Rush Limbaugh defended Ben Carson amid the controversy over a Muslim president by arguing that liberals have shown “bigotry and discrimination” against Christians.

First, here’s the original clip of the MSM trying to get Dr. Ben Carson in a “gotcha” moment:

Question: Should a President’s faith matter? should your faith matter to voters?

Ben Carson: Depends on what that faith is, if it’s inconsistent with values and principles of America then of course it should matter? But if it fits within the realm of America and consistent with the Constitution, no problem.

Question: Do you believe that Islam is consistent with the Constitution?

Ben Carson: No I do Not! I would not advocate we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that!

I think every conservative can agree, what Dr. Carson said is in alignment with what they, as a real patriot and American, believe to be true! No, we do NOT want an Muslim president, even though many would argue we ALREADY have one. 

What Rush Limbaugh addresses is the issue that:

“Democrats and members of the media have spoken out against the idea that we might elect an evangelical Christian as president,” which as far as he’s concerned is similar to what Carson said about Muslims.

Despite President Obama being a Christian, Limbaugh thinks that Democrats are “fine and dandy” with a president of every faith except Christianity, only caring about “theocrats” of that kind.

From Rush Limbaugh on the Rush Limbaugh Show:

We have Dr. Carson refusing to apologize for what I thought were highly sensible remarks in which he said he would not advocate a devout Muslim who supports Sharia law to be president.  I don’t even think it requires any defense.  But, of course, in 2015 America it does because the forces of political correctness simply cannot comprehend a statement like that.


Rush goes on to add:

They immediately conclude that somebody that makes a statement like that, they are toast and they deserve to be toast.  And Carson is standing his ground.  He has this image of soft-spoken, certainly not steel-fisted tough, but he’s demonstrating that that is exactly what he is when necessary.  And I think it’s an upper.  I think it’s a positive.  It’s an amazing phenomenon to actually see Republicans doubling down rather than apologizing, rather than backing off, rather than caving, rather than clarifying, rather than trying to do damage control.

Dr. Carson, in his soft-spoken way, is proving to be a man of steel, and it really is a pleasure to see this.  I know that it will never happen, but someone in the Drive-By Media ought to start asking all of these Democrat candidates whether they would support a candidate who believes in Sharia law over the US Constitution.  Put the onus back on them.  All this is, is another attempt, just like yesterday, to embarrass another Republican, to expose another Republican as a bigot or whatever.

Isn’t it demonstrably true now that the Democrats don’t care, as long as they can get the majority of votes, they don’t care how they do it, and they don’t care what becomes of the country in the process.  The bottom line question is this.  Is Sharia law consistent with the United States Constitution?  Now, of course it isn’t.  But that is the bottom line question.  Sharia law is not even consistent with the First Amendment.  You cannot have both side by side.  Something has to give.

If you have someone who believes in the superiority or the prominence of Sharia law, then it’s bye-bye First Amendment, bye-bye Bill of Rights, the Constitution doesn’t matter, either.  That’s the way this needs to be framed, and that is why Dr. Carson said what he said.  He’s obviously a tough guy.  He didn’t back off his comments to Obama about Obamacare, either.

Who doesn’t agree with Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Ben Carson on this question: Is Sharia Law consistent with the US Constitution? Answer: No. It should be Emphatically NO! 

I salute Conservative Presidential Candidates that stand their ground! You GO Dr. Carson! 

This one’s for you! 

Hey Baby – There ain’t no easy way out! I won’t back down! I will stand my ground! 



Written by Nancy Hayes

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