Ronda Rousey’s Comments Have Zilch To Do With Being “Transphobic.” Nothing.

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Now liberals are calling Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) titleholder Ronda Rousey a racist for her constant needing of domestic abuser, boxer Floyd Mayweather and her rhetoric about gay man turned woman, turned Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fallon Fox.

You gotta be kidding me… right?

Because Ronda agrees with every biologist on the planet that you cannot change your gender, she’s somehow a bigot?

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In a story on ‘Right Wing News‘:

Now, you and I both know that tough talk and mouthing off is part of boxing/fighting, right? But now a woman whose parents are of mixed races is now being called a “racist” because she looks white and is attacking two “brown” fighters.

Of course, she is not without her critics. Particularly the critics who have taken issue with comments she’s made over the years about transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox’s ‘unfair advantage’ over cisgendered women in the UFC. In a two-year-old interview with the New York Post, Rousey said of Fox’s inclusion in the UFC: “She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, but it’s still the same bone structure a man has. It’s an advantage. I don’t think it’s fair.”

Rousey would double down on those controversial statements last year after Fox’s first professional match as a woman left her opponent with a concussion, an orbital bone fracture, and seven staples in the head. And in an interview with TMZ, the reigning women’s bantamweight champ said that while she was not afraid of any fighter, she thought Fox, who had gender reassignment surgery in 2006, should only be allowed to fight male opponents. “If you go through puberty as a man it’s not something you can reverse…There’s no undo button on that.”

Ronda is definitely a woman, but now, naturally, Rousey has been labeled transphobic. One thing is for certain:

…But the comfort level Rousey feels in expressing her disapproval of the two is shroud and protected by a society that regularly takes great pleasure in the conquest and dominance of Black and brown bodies specifically. And that includes the denial of Black and brown bodies into spaces, which might threaten their (White) privilege as well as the constant need to physically prove how much stronger they are than everyone else.

I guess you can’t criticize a man pretending to be a woman who because of his MALE body totally destroys every FEMALE he is in the ring with. You also can’t criticize a domestic abuser because they both have “black and brown bodies.”

In addition, it seems fighters can’t mouth off like they have over the last 100 years without first checking to see if their opponents are “black or brown” because you might be called a racist.

The fact is, Rousey’s comments have zip to do with race and nothing to do with being “transphobic.” Nothing.

As a woman with experience in competing in figure competitions, I can tell you from experience, it’s hard enough competing against females who take steroids, let alone a man pretending to be a woman. You GO Girl!



Written by Nancy Hayes

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