Republican Reid Ribble Goes After Trump

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You’ve probably never heard of Reid Ribble. He’s a backbench Republican from Wisconsin and he’s steaming mad over what he calls the Trump carnival .

The Green Bay-area Republican said the New York real estate mogul has gotten “under my skin” and is doing “serious damage to the GOP brand.” Now, Ribble is steaming mad, and unabashedly critical of what he calls the Trump “carnival.”


“You can’t be calling women bimbos, we can’t just be kicking sand in the sandbox and saying, ‘You’re dumb’ and ‘You’re a loser,’” Ribble said Thursday in an interview. “We actually need a grownup, not a 3-year-old in the White House.”

This is an interesting position since Ribble is actually a pretty conservative House Member, at least based on the positions he’s taken on issues. I haven’t dug into his voting record in depth, but he seems to be in the right place on all the important issues. And then comes up with crap like this on local radio.

“I reject wholeheartedly the Trump campaign for President. I think it works at our most base interests, it’s prurient.”

I will say that Donald Trump is direct. He doesn’t mince words, you never have to be concerned what the definition of “is” is. And he does have a penchant for calling people some very definitive names.

  • Karl Rove: Dopey.
  • Eric Erickson of Redstate: A major sleeze and buffoon.
  • Republican pollster Frank Luntz: A clown.
  • Rand Paul: Truly weird.

For the most part I don’t disagree with his judgment. Is he over the top on a couple people? A little, but his opinions are certainly arguable.

It would appear that Rep. Ribble is working hard to present himself as someone who wants to be “nice” and not insult anyone. Maybe it’s a “Midwest value” or something, but I think we’ve been “nice” too damn long.

Here’s what Ribble says about Trump’s position on immigration.

He called Trump’s immigration plan “10 or 15 pages of blather” and blamed the media for not vetting his candidacy seriously, treating it instead like a reality television show.

Ten or 15 pages of blather? Does that include building a fence? Cutting off money transfers to Mexico? Deporting illegal aliens?

There are some parts of Trump’s immigration plan that I’d be happy to argue about but if I was going to criticize him, I’d find some specifics because Mr. Trump’s plan most certainly NOT blather. It’s the best immigration plan any Republican has put forth. It’s got real specifics that can be debated.


Rep. Ribble, you don’t like Trump’s plan, where’s yours? You’ve got position statements on immigration but I seriously doubt anybody – including Einstein were he still alive – could figure out what you support.

Shame on you Rep. Ribble. All you’re doing with your mudslinging attacks on Donald Trump is just doing the job that Democrats won’t do.

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