Has the Real “Tarzan” Been Found? And Why Has This Been Kept a Secret?

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Taking a break from all things Trump, let’s turn to Tarzan. According to legend, in Australia of all places, Michael Peter Fomenko is the Man! The locals in Far North Queensland claim Mr. Fomenko is a descendent of Russian royalty and has been living in their rainforest for about 60 years.

ImageBack in the 50s Mr. Fomenko got tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city and moved to the rainforest.

Stories abound of Mr Fomenko slaying boar and crocodiles with his bare hands and legend has it he once travelled solo in a canoe from Cooktown to Merauke in West Papua.

In his later years, he would often be seen shuffling along the highway near Innisfail carrying a sack, visiting local shops to stock up on supplies before retreating into the bush.

He was said to have had a penchant for white chocolate, and some locals remember him as being only too happy to share his snacks.

Tarzan eating white chocolate and shopping in stores? Where’s Jane? And Boy? And the apes?

Oh well. It turns out that the Aussy Tarzan is now living in a nursing home.

A Cooinda clinical nurse, who did not want to be named, confirmed Mr Fomenko was a resident at the facility.

The nurse said Mr Fomenko was now confined to a wheelchair, but was otherwise happy and healthy.

Based on other media reports, Mr Fomenko would now be about 84.

“He can’t walk but he’s very mobile, he’s self propelling in a wheelchair,” the nurse said.

“He only made it to Gympie … the public hospital made arrangements for him to come here because he couldn’t further his trip.

“He’s quite happy here, he doesn’t communicate with anyone, he’s a loner, but he’s happy and contented here.”

Happy and contented. I wonder if they installed vines from the ceiling of his room? Tarzan, we wish you the best.

Oh, and I wonder if he’s any relation to the Big Foot?

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