Proof Hillary Repeatedly Originated And Intentionally Sent Highly Classified Info

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Hillary and her enablers keep insisting that any classified emails on her server were not classified at the time they were sent, they were classified “later.” And, of course, Hillary never sent any classified data.

Those are outright lies.Image

Thanks to the Freedom of Information lawsuit that has forced Clinton to release some of her emails – she destroyed about half of the emails on her server – the State Department is caught between a rock and a hard place .

A review of recently released e-mails shows that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly originated and distributed highly classified national security information. Clinton’s classified e-mail missives were not constrained to State Department staff, either. She also sent classified information to Sidney Blumenthal, a former Clinton White House operative banned by the Obama White House.

Blumenthal does not have a security clearance of any kind.

There is an email sent by Clinton, through her home-brew server, to Cheryl Mills, her long-time flack who was serving with her at the State Department, where the entire email content after the subject line has been redacted because it is classified and can’t be released until 2025.

Under an executive order signed by Barack Obama, release of this information is a federal crime punishable by prison time.

The question now is what will the FBI do? It’s well known that the Obama team hates the Clintons with an unbridled passion. Combine that with six more months of email releases from the State Department and you’ve got an explosive situation.

Hillary Looking Over Her Shoulder

Personally, I’m waiting for Obama to pardon Hillary. That puts an end to both the controversy about her server and her Presidential campaign.


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