It’s Probably Not a Good Idea to Argue With Ted Cruz About Climate Change

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A couple of college kids thought they had Ted Cruz cornered on climate change. They were going to make him look like a fool. It didn’t work out like they planned.

“Sir I told you I’m not going to be cross-examined. …Let’s step back for a second and look at this with some historical perspective.”


Ted Cruz was a champion debater in college. He’s also likely the smartest person in any room he enters. He certainly was in this instance.

People take Cruz for granted at their own risk. Don’t be at all surprised if he’s the last one standing at the Republican National Convention. Donald Trump may have a big lead at the moment, but when the field is whittled down to Trump, Carly, Carson, Rubio, and Cruz he’s very likely to drop like a rock. And Cruz will be there to pick up the pebbles.

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