Obama Praises Muslim Student Who Brings Clock Resembling A Bomb To School!

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A 13-year-old in Dallas built a “digital clock” supposedly to “impress his teacher.” It was mistaken for a bomb and he was suspended from school and arrested. When it turned out he is a Muslim, the politically correct police went crazy.

Here’s the boy with his story.

Of course our President, Barack Obama, had a fit. So did his minions .

Among those messaging their support on social media were President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

In a tweet, Obama called Ahmed’s clock “cool” and said more kids should be inspired like him to enjoy science, because “it’s what makes America great.”

Asked if bias was involved, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said it was too early “to draw that direct assessment from here.” But, he added, Ahmed’s teachers had “failed him.”

Yeah, right. And of course his parents are suing the school district.

How about a little perspective here. This is the digital clock Ahmed showed up with to “impress his teacher.”


That’s a digital clock? You could have fooled me and I’m an engineer. Certainly there’s a clock mechanism there, but it’s packed into an awfully big case. It could easily be taken for a timer, and if the case was filled with C4 or a similar explosive the school could have been flattened.

I also wonder what the Secret Service would do if the kid showed up at an Obama event with that thing to “impress the President.” Actually, I’ve got a pretty good idea.

Did the school administrators overreact? Yeah, they probably did, but only so far as to suspending him and turning him over to the cops. The real overreaction is on the part of the Democratic Enabling Establishment. The kid has gotten time at an Obama press conference, and has been invited to the House of Many Colors.

Anything to distract from the economy and Iran getting nuclear weapons courtesy of Barack Obama.

Oh, and I wonder if this kid got an invitation to the House of Many Colors?


He was expelled from school and arrested for chewing a pop tart into something that “looked like a gun.” Or maybe Florida.


No, he didn’t get an invite to the House of Many Colors.

Once again, let me note that putting your kids in public school is child abuse.

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