Obama Creates a Job: Shovel Ready BS Job, But Still…

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Remember the “shovel ready” job thingy that Barack said was going to restart the economy?  Well, if you’re still waiting, here it is.  Except the only shovel going to be used in this new job is one to shovel more s*it onto the American people.

Josh Miller is a Facebook dude who dropped out of college, started his own software company, Branch Media, which was absorbed by Facebook.  He’s now been absorbed by the propaganda arm of the Obama administration and is being referred to as a “Director of Product,” whatever that is.


What’s a director of product at the White House? Mr. Miller said in a post on his personal blog that he will manage and add to president’s portfolio of digital products, including its website and a site where citizens can submit petitions.

Yes! Young Mr. Miller will be handling critical projects like making the “We the People” petition site work.  It seems in Mr. Miller’s past experience on the Branch team he worked on Facebook’s Conversations tool.

Would you like to hear what Mr. Miller had to say about his new job?

“Wouldn’t it be great if your government had a conversation with you instead of just talking at you?” Mr. Miller wrote on his personal website. “Imagine if talking to the government was as easy as talking to your friends on social networks?”

What an idiot! Are you kidding me? Shut the front door!

Apparently either he’s not up to fixing the back end of the ObamaCare website that still doesn’t work, or the administration just doesn’t care about that.

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