NY Times Goes to Trump’s Old Neighborhood but only to Talk to People Who Hate Him

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I’m starting to like Donald Trump because he’s hated by all the right people and that includes the NY Times.

Can you imagine a “newspaper” being so ideologically driven that they’ll do a totally partisan hit peice on a guy who probably has spent millions of dollars placing advertising with them?

I’m not saying they should laud him because he’s a customer, but they’d rather bleed money than do anything fair to a GOP front-runner.


Donald J. Trump’s childhood home in the wealthy enclave of Jamaica Estates, Queens.
Credit Hilary Swift for The New York Times

Shocker! Donald Trump grew up in a nice house in a nice area!! He’s not qualified to be President – he’s not broke like Hillary!!! No wonder the NY Times are also bleeding subscribers and were ten years late to the digital world.

He grew up in a good neighborhood and house because his dad was a go-getter and made a better life for The Donald. You dopes.

Barack Obama’s dad was a dead-beat, polygamist, no-show and therefore Barack deserves another term!!

Excerpts from The Times article on Trump:

A wealthy enclave built in part by his father, Jamaica Estates, with its cloistered atmosphere, nurtured the development of one of the city’s great developers, who is now the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

Mr. Trump may live in a gilded Trump Tower triplex in Manhattan, but it is his Queens childhood that provided him with old neighborhood authenticity and the us-versus-them combativeness that the Republican base has eaten up.

While his detractors charge that his language on the campaign trail is infected with an Archie Bunker-era nativism, Mr. Trump points in his defense to his formative years in one of the most diverse counties in the country.

But the Jamaica Estates of Mr. Trump’s boyhood was an exclusive and nearly all-white place, resistant to outsiders and largely impenetrable to minorities.

Unless their parents were, you know, go-getters.

Trump for his part says that Jamaica Estates; “.. was safe — it was very family oriented.”

Photo Credit Hilary Swift for The New York Times

The Times points out above that “the neighborhood where Mr. Trump was raised is a wealthy contrast to the diverse area surrounding it…”  After all, who wants to live in an “safe” place? Did Trump’s dad abuse him by keeping him and the family safe? Does growing up “safe” mean you can’t be President?

What does this have to do with anything? ALL wealthy neighborhoods at some radius are surrounded by crap.

Yeah, I’d live in an upholstered men’s room if it only meant more “diversity”… You think Magic Johnson lives in South Central LA or just up the 110 FWY in Beverly Hills? Did you guess yet?

More from The Times:

… But some residents of his old neighborhood, and the more diverse areas that surround it, say they do not think he understands what the city, and the country, are all about. Hispanics, Trinidadians, Haitians and South Asians who walked this month in front of fried chicken joints, halal butchers and roti shops on Hillside Avenue, (sounds wonderful) down the road from Mr. Trump’s old house, expressed disgust with his blunt vision of an America besieged by “rapist“ immigrants who are in the country illegally…”

Trinidadians? What – there’s no “Tobagoins” there? You call that diversity?  It’s called  Trinidad AND Tobago! Pick up a globe, New York Times and people down the road from Jamaica Estates.. And here’s some great stuff about Trump’s childhood: Lotta’ hearsay, but of course that’s good enough for the Times:

… the Trump children often went next door to play with Heather Macintosh. Edmund Hayes, Heather’s eventual husband, said his wife told him that the Trump children “never got a hug or a kiss” in their strict home, and that Donald was hypercompetitive. “She really didn’t like him,” he said of his wife.

Laura Manuelidis, who lived behind Mr. Trump on Wareham Place, recalled that when a ball bounced into the Trumps’ grassy yard, he would not throw the ball back but instead would yell, ‘I’m going to call the police.’

Oh my word… He’s the devil. Why not try to keep your stupid ball in your own yard Laura? Think they’d mind if you drew hop-scotch squares with chalk on their kitchen linoleum? My guess is that wasn’t the first or last time somebody threatened to call the police on you and your ball-bouncing family.

And finally – The Times leaves us with this:

Decades later, Mr. Trump remains the area’s most famous son. While his former neighbor, Mr. Quint, had read Mr. Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal,” and expressed confidence in Mr. Trump’s ability to build a wall along the Mexican border, the young woman who lived in his old house, Ms. Dabakarov, was less enthusiastic about his candidacy.

“This whole country will basically implode” if he is elected, she said. “He’s like a half-century behind.”

Well there you have it. Three, four people didn’t like Donald growing up. I say he should drop out of the race and give all his money to the development of Solar energy..

… Bet the Times agrees.

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