Now This is Funny: Parents Turn the Tables on Daughter Who Embarrasses Them

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New Yorker Emily Musson is your typical teenager, in that she constantly posts status updates to Twitter and other social media sites, complete with pictures.

Some of these pictures are a bit scandalous, featuring her with her tongue out or snuggling up to her boyfriend.

Her parents decided to poke a little fun at her proclivity to “overshare” on social networks.


Posted from Independent Journal Review:

They recreated several of her “sexy” pics, substituting themselves in for their daughter and her boyfriend.

Here are the originals:


Here are the parents recreating her daughter’s posts in clever, and viral, recreations.



I guess their daughter was not a big fan of the photos at first…

my parents r actually on drugs or something



…,but after 50,000 likes on social media, Emily posted this on Twitter:

I mean I guess this is funny but not like over 30k favs funny

Well, it looks like the tweet had over 45K RTs and 61K Faves at the time of this story, so it definitely went a little viral on Twitter. Personally, it’s not something I would retweet, but I think the parents were just trying to send their daughter a message. A message being that her pictures were a little embarrassing to them and they just wanted to return the fave. But it turned out THEIR pictures REALLY did do just that – return FAVES, over 61K of them!

Personally, I’m not sure my kids would have done the same thing at Emily’s age, and I know I couldn’t have talked my husband into those poses either, but then I don’t have a daughter that would pose like that on Twitter.

To Nancy Musson and her husband, and thousands of other parents out there – parenting is difficult enough, especially with teenagers, but it looks like you got her attention, and thousands of others too! Sometimes as parents we have to be creative to achieve the results we need to, to ensure lessons or principles are taught. And sometimes when you, as parents, think your kids aren’t watching, they really are. Being good parents with strong principles and values in today’s world is hard, but being a teenager is even harder. There’s no “handbook” we receive in being a good parent, but there are plenty of resources, friends, and colleagues we rely on to ensure or reinforce what we’re doing is working. So continue to do what you need to do, even if it involves being a little “wacky” and embarrasing at times……it just might turnout to get you the RT’s or FAVES you need in life! And remember….

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Written by Nancy Hayes

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