New App Is Being Hailed As ‘The Best Thing Apple Has Ever Done For Women’

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When Apple unveiled its newest line of upcoming products on Wednesday, most consumers were buzzing about upgrades to the new iPhones, iPad and Apple TV, including a serious change for the way iPhone users take pictures.

There was another feature announced at the event, however, that may have the potential to forever change the way medical professionals monitor their patients, especially pregnant women.


As reported in Independent Journal Review:

The company behind the new technology is Airstrip, whose mission is to create “innovative technology for caregivers to collaborate and care for their patients.”

As Airstrip co-founder Dr. Cameron Powell noted during the Apple event, there are currently over 3.5 million pregnant women who utilize the technology to transmit real-time health data while in the hospital.

Now – thanks to Airstrip’s integration with the Apple Watch – doctors can access a patient’s real-time health information no matter where that patient may be.

With the inclusion of Airstrip’s Sense4Baby technology, Powell says doctors are even able to monitor the heart rate of a fetus while still in utero.


Not only does this feature appear to be an incredible boost in efficiency for the doctor-patient relationship, but it can also create a huge reduction in stress levels for expectant mothers – especially when it comes to the fetal monitoring method known as the Non-Stress Test (NST).

Following the Apple announcement, traffic was reportedly so heavy for Airstrip that it caused the site to crash.

All that I can say is, HOW COOL IS THIS! New moms must be very excited for this new technology. As a Mom who has gone through multigravida, knowing the difficulty it is sometimes to monitor the heart rate of a pregnant mom AND the baby in the womb at the same time, I would have loved to have had this technology for all 3 of my births. To think of all the risks and stress that women have during pregnancy, this device will certainly help support patient-doctor communication. I can also think of several friends and relatives who had other difficulties during their pregnancies where this device would have come in handy. WOW! Technology can be so amazing sometimes! Sounds like Airstrip better get their website fixed fast!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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