“We Need to Start Killing These Cops” – Guess Who?

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This latest attack on the cops or police happened in Madison, Wisconsin. Madison is arguably the most liberal city in the upper mid-west and they showed off their colors last week.

As a baseline, Obama got 72% of the vote in Dane County (home of Madison) in 2008 and Mitt Romney made big inrodes in 2012, holding Obama to a mere 71% of the vote.

A police officer responded to a disturbance in a neighborhood that he is assigned to as the “neighborhood officer.” A woman was punching a man and threatening him with pepper spray. The officer is well known in the neighborhood, and according to reports, well liked.

As the officer broke up the scuffle the woman turned on him, punched him, and grabbed his throat. He moved to arrest her, her daughter attacked him, and a crowd gathered.

According to reports people in the crowd were videoing the incident hoping to catch the officer or cops using excessive force. It looks like that was a big FAIL because there isn’t any video of the incident posted anywhere that I could find.

The woman and her daughter have both been charged and the daughter is in jail on a parole hold. Nice family.


If Barack Obama had a sister …

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