Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn’t Understand Fossil Fuel or Economics

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Leonardo DiCaprio is an idiot. But he keeps a lot of company at being an idiot. It’s called the “divestiture movement” and it got it’s start on far left college campuses. The idea is to divest any holdings – stocks, bonds, etc – in a particular industry that the Left is targeting. In DiCaprio’s case that’s fossil fuels.


Here’s Leonardo getting ready to pick his nose, which will do more to stop “global warming” than divesting his fossil fuel holdings .

Leonardo DiCaprio is joining a campaign to use investment decisions to fight global warming: He’s planning to shed his own investments in fossil fuels, an activist group announced Tuesday.

The star of The Wolf of Wall Street and Blood Diamond, 40, joined members of the Divest-Invest Coalition as it announced his plans and highlighted growth in such pledges during the past year.

I’m sure he, and his like-minded ilk, feel really good about divesting his holdings. It’s just that divesture doesn’t make any difference. The stock market is driven by supply and demand. If a business is profitable (or being propped up by the Obama administration) it’s share price will rise. One investor, or a group of investors, selling off their holdings won’t drive the price down or impact the business.

What could make a difference, assuming you believe the premise of global warming, is to modify your lifestyle. That, DiCaprio and his ilk won’t do. They won’t be held accountable for their wasteful ways.

That was DiCaprio being shielded from questions about his use of private jets while marching to “save the planet.” Note how the hired storm troopers move right in as soon as he was challenged.

RadarOnline reporting Friday that he took six private jet flights in just six weeks last year, it may prove hard for the actor to justify the need to avail himself of more than $200,000 worth of private travel between LA and New York in such a short period of time.

Heaven forbid Mr. “I’m Doing Something About the Environment” should take commercial flights.

DiCaprio is a hypocrite in addition to being an economic ignoramus.

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