LEGAL Immigration is as Big of a Problem as Illegal Immigration

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Legal immigration, especially in the form of H1-B visas primarily to technical workers from places like India are a huge problem for US workers and the US economy.

You just never hear about them because the recipients are people like Bill Gates and the heavily Democratic contributors in Silicon Valley. Friends of Barack.

Let’s take a look at Hewlett Packard.

HP Chairman and CEO Meg Whitman said the company will cut 25,000 to 30,000 more jobs …

The new job slashing is in addition to the 54,000 job layoffs already taken by HP and are expected to mostly hit workers in North America, according to Bloomberg.

Up to 85,000 jobs are going away in the Obama economy, and that’s just at HP.

But on a high note, HP is still hiring. They’re just not hiring American workers.

Despite the huge employment shrink, according to the website: “Hewlett-Packard filed 2668 labor condition applications for H1-B visa and 815 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2011 to 2014. Hewlett-Packard Company was ranked 30 among all visa sponsors.”

US colleges and universities graduate tens of thousands of STEM graduates every year and their unemployment/underemployment in the Obama economy is a crime. Especially when companies like HP are claiming that they can’t find qualified workers in the US so they need to import them from India.


Microsoft does the same thing, and the Obama administration is giving their tech friends everything they could ask for. Our hero Jeff Sessions has been all over the Obamamytes on this subject.

Sessions recently sponsored a forum [in 2014] that assembled some of the leading academic critics of the H-1B program. The group assessed the consequences of hiking the H-1B cap from 85,000 to 180,000, as proposed in the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill.

They warned of increasing age discrimination since most of these foreign workers are young, as well as make it harder for U.S. STEM graduates to find work. A cap hike could hurt wages as well. Critics say schools now produce many more STEM graduates than there are jobs for them.

Microsoft wasn’t the only company to get in Sessions’ crosshairs. He cited a letter by more than 100 large corporations sent to Congress late last year, urging immigration reform. The signees included many companies, such as Hewlett-Packard and Cisco, which have had recent layoffs.

In other words, bringing in H1-B visa holders costs American college graduates good jobs and depresses wages accross the board in the tech industries. Why hire a US college grad at $75,000 when you can get an Indian tech worker to come to the US for $30,000. Plus a $10,000 or so donation to Democrats.

Here’s Sessions on the floor of the Senate on the Microsoft deal.

I hope Donald Trump takes up the H1-B problem along with deporting 15 million Mexicans and other illegal aliens. The legal, Obama-approved, H1-B holders are a huge problem too.

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