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Jr. High School Kissing Bandit Released on Mommy’s Recognizance


Sigh. I’m glad my kids are grown men. If they weren’t we’d be homeshooling them and I’d probably have shot at least one school administrator. This story falls under the general category of “putting your kids in public school is child abuse.”

This story is ongoing in the People’s Republic of Maryland.

School officials took a report regarding a 13-year-old boy who kissed a 14-year-old girl during school hours. The unwanted kiss was allegedly the result of a dare made by students.

Police confirm that the boy is now facing a second-degree assault charge as a juvenile. No one was injured during the incident, police say, and disciplinary actions related to suspension or expulsion will be handled by the school system.

No one was injured because it wasn’t my son and I wasn’t there.

Should he have kissed the girl? Probably not. Image

So give him detention and make him write “I will not kiss Jane anymore” a thousand times on the chalkboard.


An assault charge? Even as a juvenile those things don’t go away. It will be “sealed.” And the check is in the mail.

This is the ridiculous state of our schools, even of our society, today.


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