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John Boehner’s Seat is Up For Grabs: Here’s Your Special Election Scorecard


John Boehner is almost history and the two biggest questions are: Who will be the new Speaker? and Who will replace Johnny Boy from the 8th District in Ohio?


We’ll know the answer to the first question in a week or so, the second will take a little longer and the crowd in Ohio is bigger than the crowd in Washington. The one thing we know for sure though we won’t have to watch John crying his eyes out anymore.

Good riddance Johnny Boy.

As to his replacement? Here ya go. So far there are eight people whose names are being tossed around and it would appear that we’ll get somebody more conservative than Boehner. Which isn’t saying much.

J.D. Winteregg. J.D. ran against Boehner in the last primary and has already announced to run against him in next year’s primary. He was a college teacher and he got fired by his school for running this ad in the last cycle.

THAT is one of my favorite political ads of all time.

Richard Jones. Jones is the sheriff of Butler County. He’s basically a Joe Arpaio wannabe. He’s “weighing his options.”

Bill Coley. Coley is a State Senator, a conservative who voted against expanding Medicaid. So we know he’s way to the right of Ohio’s Governor and Presidential Candidate for the moment, John Kasich.

Tim Derickson. Derickson is a State Representative and a Realtor. He’s discussing the run with his wife.

Ross McGregor. McGregor is a former State Rep who was term limited out in 2014. He’s a tad to the left of Boehner. Loves abortion, unions, and the gay mafia.

Keith Faber. He’s President of the State Senate and is currently snuggling with Governor John Kasich on the Presidential campaign trail. I’m guessing he too is to the left of Boehner.

Wes Retherford. Also a State Representative. He’s playing hard to get and we don’t know anything about him.

Seth Morgan. Seth is Chairman of the Conservative Republican Leadership Committee and is a former State Rep. He “hasn’t ruled out a run.”

I am endorsing J.D. Winteregg. The reason for my endorsement is his ad from last time around. Anybody who can think that far outside the box should be our candidate. He’s also likely the most consistent conservative of the lot.

Pass the popcorn.


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