If Joe Biden Runs and Splits Vote – Bernie Sanders Beats Hillary!

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First of all, I’m not so sure Bernie can’t beat Hillary all by himself. Hillary is going down. Pollsters are showing her on her knees and her knee pads are worn out. She’s toast.

It would be fitting to see Barack Obama’s buddy “Crazy” Joe Biden jump in and drive the final stake through Hillary’s heart though.


It looks like chunks of the leftist media are ready to line up behind Bernie, he’s the change they’ve been waiting for.

The current wave of favorable press that the Draft Biden campaign is receiving would subside and reverse shortly after a Biden announcement. It would soon be apparent that the Draft Biden effort is a limited campaign, without strong grassroots support, and not a movement that would have any appeal to current Sanders supporters, who would remain rock-solid in support of Mr. Sanders.

What most in the media have long missed in the 2016 campaign is that Bernie Sanders is the most true, authentic, passionate and principled outsider populist in an election in which outsiders are favored over insiders, and populists are favored over establishment voices in both parties.

Umm hmmm.

He’s also a flaming Socialist, but let’s not let details get in the way. The Democrats battle cry could be “Remember George McGovern!”

Pundits think Biden entering the race will split the establishment Democratic vote and leave a clear path for Bernie. They might just be right. Of course, there’s always the scenario that President Obama pardons Hillary before the primaries because her problems are “a distraction” and we need to focus on the issues.

That would finish off Hillary and leave the establishment field wide open for Biden. Could he beat Bernie? Who knows.

The one thing I’m sure of, my favorite candidate,


… the Dead White Cat! could beat either Hillary or Bernie in the general election.

So Dems, have at it. And will somebody please pass the popcorn?

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