Jindahl Rips GOP Congress at JV Debate Last Night!! About Time


The happy hour debate was far more entertaining than the Carly/Trump catfight that followed later.

What a bore. Anybody say anything new? No. Anyone provide a specific fix to anything? No

Was there nothing but pandering? Yes…. even Trump for crying outloud.


But if you missed the lower-tiered candidates debate, you missed Bobby Jindahl telling it like it is about Obama and the GOP:

Hat tip Daily Caller:

Bobby Jindal argued Obama “treats our friends like dirt, he let’s our enemies walk all over us.”

Bobby Jindal:  Jake, I want to answer that question but I want to go back to Iran. I didn’t get a chance to answer that as well. Look, on Russia, across the world dictators walk all over this president. He treats our friends like dirt, he let’s our enemies walk all over us. The only group he’s able to out negotiate are the Senate Republicans…

Thank-you Bobby. Where you been?

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