Jeb! Gets Heckled by Pro-Amnesty Group

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Jeb! is THE pro-amnesty candidate in this election. I’m pretty sure he’s to the left of any Democrat when it comes to amnesty. He pays lip service to “respecting the law” but it’s just lip service. He’s criticized Obama’s executive amnesty program but hasn’t said he’d stop it.

This week he must have been shocked to be heckled at a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce rally.

“We don’t need to build a wall.” Yes we do Jeb! And we don’t have to spend billions of dollars deporting people. There’s a simple solution.

Make it a felony to be in the US illegally. Make it a felony to employ an illegal alien or rent housing to any group where an illegal is one of the residents. Businesses and property managers/owners must require a clean E-Verify form on every employee (no more difficult than an I-9 that is currently required) and property managers/owners must have a clean E-Verify on every resident of a rental property.

Employ or rent to an illegal and it’s a $10,000 fine, a felony that can’t be pled down, and one month jail time per illegal.

Since the major employers of illegals are in the hospitality industry and the construction industry this will have the net effect of shutting down employment in those industries. It will also shut down illegals being able to rent housing.

You can’t get a liquor license, a contractor’s license, a business license, or a realtor’s license with a felony conviction. Hiring and renting will stop. Illegals will not only cost nothing to deport, they’ll spend a fortune on gas and bus tickets to get back to Mexico. It will stimulate the economy.

So, in conclusion, Jeb! if you want to be President, run for President of Mexico. It’s a better fit all around and our next President may just send all those illegals you’re so fond of back to you.

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