Jeb! & The Donald. The Difference …

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We are fortunate on a slow weekend that Jeb! stepped up and showed us the difference between he and Donald Trump. I suspect that Jeb! thought he was making an important point, and he did. Just not in the way he thought.

As you no doubt know, there is a media firestorm because someone in the audience at a Trump rally commented during a question to Donald about Obama being a Muslim and he also made reference to Obama’s birth certificate.

Trump addressed the issue of the question and didn’t comment on the Muslim / birth certificate comments.Image

Donald got hell from the media and the Democrats for not defending the President.

Trump tweeted them to death.

Jeb! was kind enough to weigh in on the subject.

MACKINAC ISLAND, Michigan (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush reacted Friday to the latest controversy roiling the GOP race by identifying President Barack Obama as “an American” and “Christian,” and calling for a return to civility in national politics.

Bush was alluding to an episode Thursday in which rival Donald Trump declined to correct a questioner who called Obama “Muslim” and “not even an American.”

Bush told roughly 2,000 Michigan Republican activists, “I will commit to you that I will never violate my conservative principles. But I will assume that someone that doesn’t agree with me isn’t a bad person.”


Jeb! is a spineless tool. Just like the media and the Democrats, he took the comments completely out of context, ignored what Trump actually said, and then, in a passive-aggressive manner slammed Trump.


I’ve never been accused of being passive-aggressive, so let me just say, Mr. Bush, go f*ck yourself. Your not fit to be President, you’re barely fit to be called an American. And the difference between you and our leftist media and Barack Obama is so minute it’s generally not discernable.

Go run for President of Mexico.

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