James Earl Jones is Still Not Dead and Still Your Father

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The internet has tried to prematurely kill off another celebrity – but this one is still very much alive!

The 84-year-old James Earl Jones was the latest victim! People everywhere were posting & tweeting their condolences at the (fake) news.


But don’t fret – Mr. Jones is not only very much alive, but rumored to be a part of the upcoming Lion King sequel, too!

James Earl Jones is the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax after a parody website posted news of his supposed demise. Clicking on the link took users to a page which declared “you got owned!”

Facebook picked up on the fake death announcement and before you knew it, news of the actor’s “death” was trending. Some folks even tweeted their condolences.

Here’s one example on Twitter:

James Earl Jones great actor of stage & screen. I am going to miss you

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This wasn’t the first time a celebrity’s death was a hoax on the internet and it won’t be the last. Besides the hoax on James Earl Jones’ death, people were also duped by the deaths of Axl Rose, Macaulay Culkin and Betty White. There will always be gullible people – Look at all the people who voted for Obama…..TWICE!

But for  all of you who were duped, the laugh’s on YOU!


Written by Nancy Hayes

Follow on Twitter: @bodybynance



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