It’s No Longer Business As Usual Following the National Day of Prayer

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Do you feel it? There’s something in the air. It’s called “We’re tired and we aren’t going to take it anymore!” It’s spreading across the United States and it’s about time.

It’s no longer politics as usual. Love him or hate him, presidential candidate Donald Trump has changed the face of politics. He says what others have been thinking for the past six plus years and his lack of political correctness is starting to make others find their absentee voice.

trump, donald“I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I’ve been challenged by so many people and I don’t, frankly, have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time, either,” Trump said.

I couldn’t agree more.

We have been silenced by the progressives’ proclaimed superiority in all matters of this country for far too long and it’s time to stand up!

Standing up can sometimes be difficult, however, especially in a world in which you are told that if you speak up and speak out against the progressive flavor de jour then you are a bigot or other hater.

We have allowed ourselves to become “guilted” into believing that we just aren’t a tolerant enough people and that we are the ones with the wrong point of view.

Enough already!

While Trump may have gotten Americans’ juices flowing to regain our sanity and remember who we are as a nation, he has only been allowed to be as successful in spearheading this movement because we as a nation are ready for it.

Aborted baby parts are being discussed as casually as if we were talking about buying a pair of shoes.

goforth, darrenPolice officers are being senselessly gunned down in the streets by misguided individuals who don’t know how to appropriately express their anger. Lives are being lost. Innocent children are losing their mothers and fathers because of civil unrest that hasn’t even been chastised by the current sitting President.

A reporter and her cameraman are brutally gunned down on live television and an interviewee is wounded all because someone felt he was being singled out and discriminated against by his co-workers.

Everywhere we turn, the news just keeps getting worse and life is not returning to business as usual.

Whether we want to believe it or not, we are in a battle and many, including myself would label it political, societal and spiritual.

So many changes are taking place that it’s hard to imagine what tomorrow will bring.

However, it’s time to continue the positive change that has already been started in this country.

As Americans, we need to return to our roots! We must remember who we are and who our God is in this country. Only then do we stand a chance of righting this ship that has been off course for far too long!

The return to my roots, all began recently when I took time out to participate and reach out to my fellow man. I experienced something that I have to admit I was not expecting.

Like others, I answered Glenn Beck’s call to participate in the national day of prayer to honor slain Houston Deputy Darren Goforth, other police officers and those in uniform who place their lives on the line for us every day.

I decided to go to my local sheriff’s department and pray for those inside the building. I wrestled with whether I would just sit in the parking lot or if I would go inside to pray.

I felt for me, at least, that I needed to personally connect with these individuals.

Immediately, as I walked inside the building, I was met with the stark reality of what has become of our world.

A wall of bulletproof glass greeted me as I tried to get my bearings.

I had wanted to make a connection but instead, only a small slot for documents and an even smaller disk for speaking to the deputy behind the glass was available for us to communicate with each other. So much for connecting, I thought.

The deputy motioned me up to the glass as I had hesitated upon entering the building after seeing the bulletproof wall. Upon reaching the counter, I told him that I was there to pray for his protection, after mentioning the slain deputy and the national day of prayer.

The deputy asked me to wait where I was and told me he would come out front to meet me. To say that I was shocked by this would be an understatement.

Perhaps he was in need of making a connection with another human being as well instead of remaining behind the protective glass that separated us.

When he reached the lobby, I asked him if I could pray for him and others in the building. He answered, “Absolutely ma’am.”

police officersWe stood there together in a noisy lobby with others looking on as I quietly prayed for his well-being and those in his department. He thanked me and showed me the way to the police department located just next door.

What happened when I went next door can only be explained as a continuation of a meaningful relationship that was born out of praying for the lives of others.

I found the connection that I was searching for that day but I didn’t realize that what I had asked for would grieve me so deeply once I finished praying.

I went home and was encouraged by a friend to share my experience with my radio audience on a show I host called Stand For Truth Radio. I wanted to inspire others to begin to pray for their fellow men and women as well so that we could begin to change this world together for the better.

I have to admit that I was forever transformed by my experience. I can no longer hear about an officer or anyone else who has been injured or killed and let it pass by as something that happens to someone else.

I continue to feel a spiritual bond like I’ve never felt before with those that share this earth with me.

While I wasn’t prepared for who I would become after praying for my fellow man, life for me will no longer be business as usual.

To hear my short account of how the national day of prayer changed my perspective, I invite you to listen to Stand For Truth Radio’s special edition of Knowles On The News.

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