Is This SUPER-FISH The Result of Fukushima Radiation? [video]

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Visibly straining as he holds it aloft, a Japanese fisherman grimaces as he proudly displays a terrifyingly large fish caught in the waters off Japan. The massive catch was reeled in by Hirasaka Hiroshi, a fisherman who has made a career of landing and then eating unusual fish.


Hirasaka Hiroshi poses with the massive wolffish, caught off the coast of the Japanese island of Hokkaido

From the

Located just north of the mainland, Hirasaka said he landed the massive catch in the island’s waters near Russia’s coast.

Wolffish commonly live in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. As deep sea dwellers, they feed on smallers creatures along the ocean floor.

The creature has developed a reputation due to its size and fearsome appearance and one type of the species featured on the Animal Planet series River Monsters.

From The Daily Star:

The terrifying creature has been identified as one of the largest bering wolffish ever recorded.

Wolffish normally only grow up to 112cm and weigh 15kg – but the picture shows a Japanese fish enthusiast struggling under the weight an example estimated to be 2m long.


Hiroshi Hirasaka – who posted the photos on Twitter – hunts down and EATS bizarre creatures around Japan and the world.

His Twitter profile states: “I live to chase interesting creatures,” and he has written a book called .

Of his latest caught he wrote: “It was worth flying to Shiretoko [Hokkaido] twice within three months. This guy is super cool!”

Although many at first, might believe this SUPER-FISH is due to the effects of the Fukushima nuclear accident, nuclear contamination actually causes the opposite effects.

Timothy Mousseau, one of the world’s leading experts on the effects of nuclear contamination on wildlife, told IBTimes UK it is “extremely unlikely” the contamination had anything to do with the wolffish’s unusually large size.

“First and foremost simply because usually the effects of mutations are to reduce growth rates to make things smaller,” he said. “They grow less efficiently, they’re less capable of catching food and they tend to not live as long. Most of the effects of increased mutations are deleterious. Very very few mutations lead to extra-large size.”

So even though one of the world’s leading experts states this SUPER-FISH is NOT due to the effects of nuclear contamination, this wolffish is STILL one bad, ugly fish, and you wouldn’t catch me eating it! Whether you believe that this SUPER-FISH was a product of massive nuclear radiation or not, you have to admit, Hiroshi Hirasaka is STILL an amazing fisherman. I don’t know who’s more of a creature – the SUPER-FISH or Hiroshi Hirasaka  for eating this! YUCK! 

But for all of you fishermen out there…this one’s for you! 


Written by: Nancy Hayes

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