“I’m My Own Prophet” [video]

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It looks like the feminists in France have more testicular fortitude than their male dominated government. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

There was a Muslim conference at a place called the Muslim Salon in Pontoise, France just outside of Paris. Two members of the feminist group Femen took over the stage and the only apparel they had from the waste up was “Nobody makes me submit” scrawled on their bare chests.

Here’s the video, and there are two young, attractive (especially for feminists) women with bare chests. If nudity offends you, just look at the two Muslim men running the meeting.

The group was founded in the Urine in 2008 and has been running around all over Europe protesting a whole variety of things. In 2013 they burned an ISIS flag in front of the Great Mosque in Paris.

I’m not a supporter of feminists, but I do have to applaud these two.

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