I Don’t Understand Naked Yoga, Do You?

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Put this under the category of “empowerment”…. then snicker. Still, if I were you I’d scroll to the bottom. That’s a double-entendre as you’ll see when you get there.

A Canadian photographer is celebrating the strength and flexibility of women in a stunning series of images, which see 57 female subjects practicing yoga naked.

Jonathon Harrington, a photographer and the owner of Icon Imaging in Ottawa, captured dozens of beautiful black-and-white images of women of all ages and backgrounds, each performing a unique yoga pose while in the nude.

Inspiration: Mr Harrington first started the project after attending his first yoga class a few years ago 

The striking photographs have also been published in a book, titled ‘I’, which is aimed at celebrating the power and strengthe of the female form.

‘The project was born out of my interest in the human figure combined with my first yoga class experience,’ Mr Harrington explained on a Kickstarter page for the project.

‘During the class as I participated, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful shapes and lines as we went through the different poses.

Pretzel pose: Photographer Jonathon Harrington called on 57 women to perform yoga poses while naked as part of his project 'I', which celebrates the strength and beauty of the female form


When it came to choosing the participants for the book, which retails for 44.99 Canadian dollars, Mr Harrington added that he had no specific criteria each woman had to meet; instead he was eager to find people who felt comfortable and confident enough in their own bodies to pose naked, even if that confidence only emerged during the shoot.

Inner beauty: There was no specific criteria used to choose the 57 participants; Mr Harrington explained that subjects simply had to be willing and able to perform yoga poses while naked 

Good cause: Inspired by one of his models, whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Mr Harrington explained that 25 per cent of the book’s profits will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

‘The subjects of the book are a cross section of society – there were no conditions or requirements to participate other than being over 18 and interested in the concept,’ he explained.

‘Subjects ranged from women totally comfortable with their bodies to the camera-shy who had never posed for a photo shoot – let alone nude.’

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