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Hunt for the “Nazi Gold Train” Getting Warmer


Move over Big Foot! We’ve got a new treasure map. And a video with sub-titles! And trains!  And Nazis!! And GOLD!!!

Can you feel the tingle? Are you checking flights to Warsaw?

The Polish city of Walbrzych has been in the global spotlight for weeks after two men – Piotr Koper from Poland and German Andreas Richter – claimed to have found an armored railway carriage there from World War II that is allegedly filled with treasures.

The train’s existence has yet to be proven, though a deputy culture minister said last month he was ‘more than 99 percent sure’ it was true, adding that he had seen a ground-penetrating radar image of the carriage.

Proven? We don’t need no stinking proof! We live in Arizona, home of the Lost Duchman Mine in the Superstition Mountains. Go search for the mine, you’re never seen alive again.

The Nazi Gold Train story has lots of true background to go along with the legend.

‘The Nazis built a whole underground city in this region with an area of 200 hectares… that was supposed to allow Hitler’s inner circle to survive for a couple of years in case of an atomic attack,’ Szpakowski told reporters.

He said his discovery had been ‘the work of several years’ notably involving witness statements and archival documents and that news of the Nazi gold train ‘had sped up my decision to inform the Walbrzych authorities’.

Good start, right? And they’ve now got ground penetrating radar that shows … something.


And there really are tunnels in the area.

Could it be? Could there be gold under them thar castles? Who’s going to be the first to try to find out if this is real?

Got any vacation time left this year?


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