How’s This For Creepy?

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Remember “Late Show with David Letterman”?  Letterman retired in May after 33 years.


Well this was David Letterman…..THEN! Wait ’til you see him NOW!

In a story from a recent blog, Cognitive Fungus Prods:

Letterbeard may not have as much ring to it as Colbeard, but it grew just the same in much the same way.

David Letterman was spotted out in NYC on Sunday, sporting an impressively gruff white beard.

OH MY GOSH! THIS IS UNREAL!! It’s not even St. Patty’s Day, but you could have fooled me! 

Some say Letterman looks like “Santa Claus,” but I say he looks more like a tall leprechaun. 


The usually clean-cut former “Late Show” host….not so much anymore. Talk about incognito and creepy!

Speaking of creepy….remember when Letterman confessed he was having sex with his own staffers in 2009, because he was being blackmailed by a former staffer? CREEPY! Maybe all HIS philandering caught up to him! On behalf of Letterman’s Top 10 – Here’s Letterman’s TOP 10 Reasons for his creepy behavior.

Top 10 reasons I, David Letterman, confessed to affairs on “The Late Show”

10. Needed a sex scandal like Mark Sanford so I could get my own Top 10 list.
9. Couldn’t cough up the $2 mil ever since I paid Oprah to come on my show.
8. Wanted to show Bill Clinton how it’s done.
7. It’s easier than writing a memoir.
6. Hoping to get my story retold on “Law & Order.”
5. Wanted to take over Regis’ title of Sexiest Talk Show Host.
4. I hear Lady Gaga likes the bad boys.
3. Needed a ratings boost against “The Tonight Show” … oh, wait. Never mind.
2. Jon and Kate Gosselin were hogging the spotlight. When is my turn on “Larry King”?
1. My Twitter account was down.

Not bad for a Top 10…but he’s still creepy! 

Well, Letterman did emerge this past July to roast The Donald, and according to resources, he will be heading to India and appearing on the National Geographic docu-series “Years of Living Dangerously” in 2016 to explore  climate change.

Just what we need an incognito celebrity promoting this stupid hoax! Wonder if Obama will be featured? Maybe Letterman should be starring in Creepy Halloween! Say Good Night Dave!




Written by Nancy Hayes

Follow on Twitter: @bodybynance




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